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seen a property you like? then read below to see what you need to do:

Call our offices and you will be given more details on the property that you are interested in. We recommend that you go and actually view the property as you ‘get what you see’ unless anything to the contrary is specified in the lease agreement (…and maybe your ‘fridge won’t fit or there is no room for your dining room table?).

If there is a current tenant in the property, you will be given contact details to make an appointment with them. If it is an empty property, we will make appointments and take you to look.

Please note that we do keep office hours: Monday to Friday 8h00 to 16h30 and Saturdays 8h30 to 11h30

If you like what you see, then ask one of the front desk ladies and they can send you the documents either by e- mail or by fax. You are also most welcome to come into our offices.

The lady dealing with your file will then send you the deposit breakdown (to tell you how much money you will need to pay), the procedure form and general information letter as well as the FICA requirements. PLEASE READ THE DOCUMENTS (See below in bold)

You will need to complete the information sheet and pay the deposit (you will need to send proof of payment to us with the information sheet). The front desk lady will then send you the lease agreement to read, initial and sign. (You are most welcome to come into the offices for us to explain all the clauses to you.) You will then need to send the signed lease back to us with the following documents:

  • Your original I.D. or a certified copy.
  • Your proof of residence (lights & water account/cell ‘phone account/short term insurance document/car licence document/TV licence or M-net account or a lease agreement if you are renting a property).
  • Three months bank statements.
  • A recent pay slip or other proof of income like your book-keeper’s letter.
  • Any SARS document (with their logo on) confirming that you are registered for tax. If you are not, then we will just need a simple letter confirming this fact.

Once we have all of the above, the lady dealing with your file will proceed with the credit checks. If there are any queries or problems, she will come back to you and go through it with you.

The lease is then presented to the owner for their approval and you will then be advised if your application has been verbally approved or not. The owner will then be asked to sign the lease and you will be advised once it has been signed. Please note that a verbal acceptance of a lease agreement is legally binding until the amendments to the Rental Housing Act come into law. A copy of the lease agreement and any applicable documents (like the rules of conduct for a complex) and the TPN welcome letter will be sent to you.

Download Procedure Form: Procedure for Offers

Note Security Around Properties: Security Issues when Renting

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